Stories Of Corinna

Stories Of Corinna

History of Corinna, Maine

I have suspended this project, for now.

Much has happened since I started this video project on the history of Corinna. I took on the role of chair of the Building Preservation Group. That committee, appointed by the selectmen of Corinna, is working to restore, upgrade and preserve the Stewart Library Building. It is a dedicated and productive group of people.

The Town of Corinna voted to spend up to $180,000 to fix the clock tower. Others with money for preservation efforts noticed that the people of Corinna demonstrated support for the building. The Maine Historic Preservation Commission awarded us a grant of $15,000 to pay for the examination and design of work to fix the tower. And, the Town received a grant for one million dollars from the Next Generation Foundation of Maine to begin work on the rest of the building! The total cost of the work needed will be around $2.5 million. There is a lot to do. Work on the clock tower will begin in January 2015. Planning for the first phase of construction on the rest of the building has begun.

For me this has become almost the equivalent of a full time job, not much time is left over for work on more of the videos I planned for Stories of Corinna. For now, I am suspending work on this project to devote most of my time to the preservation effort.

For more information on the Stewart Library Building project, see my blog at and follow me on Twitter @KenJDow.